Skilled Trades

Information for Parents

What you need to know as a parent

Parents and youth have stated they believe that skilled trades job opportunities in Canada are limited, but job options in the trades are growing. There are over 150 skilled trades in Ontario, covering the Motive Power, Industrial, Construction and Service sectors.

Common Myths

We answer some common myths about the Skilled Trades in Dufferin County.

Skilled trade jobs are not stable.

In fact, careers in the skilled trades and technologies can be some of the most stable of any career choice you can make. Currently, those people with a skilled trade often have their pick of jobs because the skills shortage is so high. Unlike many other careers, a skilled trade is one of the most transferable in today’s global economy. However, economic fluctuations still affect the workforce.

Skilled trade jobs are dirty and noisy.

Working in the skilled trades does not necessarily mean working outdoors or getting your hands dirty. Many skilled tradespeople work with some of the most sophisticated computer equipment and technology available.

Skilled trade jobs are low-paying.

Most people in the skilled trades and technologies earn average or better-than-average salaries. Some make more than $100,000 per year.